The Concept

Together, under this premise, we analyse your strategic marketing goals, review your existing operational measure and establish the goal of your event. Based on this, we develop a creative and consistent initial concept that guides all further action. We focus on generating real value for your organisation.

The concept phase is often constrained by a number of factors.

Rigid organisational structures and processes can lead, amongst other things, to measures not being questioned, resulting in very limited briefings. Limitations also exist within individual agencies that restrict a completely uninhibited and creative concept creation.

By closely working together and continually questioning each other, we can break processes and jointly create relevant, extraordinary and lasting creative ideas.

Wherever possible, we use internal structure and resources, i.e. we take into consideration employees and existing marketing measures. Large agencies charge high commissions for experts and third parties, and commission on logistics, hotels and catering are common. These could be saved due to direct asignment.

We are not a traditional agency with expensive headquarters, long corridors and a snazzy fleet of company cars. We are a network of experts. Therefore, you only pay for exactly the work that is required by and relevant to your project.