Armin Nink

Armin Nink is the founder, director and head of nink & experts GmbH.

Our agency offers consulting for event marketing, trade shows and congresses as well as press conferences and does so using a completely different approach to live communication.

With over 15 years of experience in the industry and wide ranging expertise, we bring the right know how to revolutionise live communication in your organisation and effectively realise your objectives.

We are a strong network of experts and specialists, who work together as a perfect unit for your organisation, with independence and creativity, continually driven by your goals.

We see ourselves as your partner, not your service provider and want to support you as a member of your team in your future endeavours.

The Experts

“The highest form of communication is the dialog” (August Everding)

For the successful implementation of an event, it is important to be in constant contact with the experts. Our tight network consists of experts in a range of different areas and industries, developed and continually strengthened through 15 years of experience working together in live communication. These specialists are crucial to successful project implementation.

Depending on your unique requirements, we select exactly the right team for your event and together, as one team, make your event an extraordinary success.